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Congruence is a self-coaching tool that helps teens thrive in academics, sports, and social situations. 

You learn to coach yourself through challenges and cultivate your inner strengths to maximize agency and courage so you can lead a more impactful life. By fostering critical thinking, emotional regulation, curiosity, creativity, informed decision-making and meaningful human connections, Congruence guides you in becoming a resilient, empowered individual.

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More courage, less anxiety, deeper friendships

Congruence helps spark your powerful conscious and unconscious minds to bring to bear your full capabilities. You will definitely surprise yourself with what's inside you.

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Improve your relationship with you

Our guided activities help you better understand and master your emotions, which allows you to create powerful mindsets. You decide how you move through life.

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Easy to use

There's nothing to type or write and no homework. All you have to do is listen and speak. Research shows speaking our thoughts and behaviors is more effective for change than writing.

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Position yourself for success with Congruence

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Master your emotions

Understand how you make choices and learn to use all of your emotions to your advantage.

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Ease into uncertainty

Growth comes from openness to what you don’t know. 

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Create neural pathways

Build permanent change in your mind
and body. 

Why is Congruence different?

Congruence meets you where you are, whether you're facing social challenges, looking for more confidence, or just want to feel better about yourself. Or, maybe you're coming from a position of strength but know you can still improve for more success.

Your recorded sessions are saved so you can listen to them later - your journal of growth and change. Listening to yourself is a powerful tool to open your awareness and allow further growth. 

Congruence educates you on what's going on in your mind and body during your experiences. Often, just knowing what's happening inside creates a noticable improvement in your thoughts and feelings.

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What teens are saying about Congruence

“Congruence has helped me better identify and understand the emotions I'm feeling. Using the app has helped me look at my anxiety in a new and more manageable light."  - 15-year-old from Washington, DC.

"Completing the TikTok activity gave me a new perspective on and more control over my TikTok use." - 15-year-old from Washington, DC.

"The activity, 'I am my fear manager,' helped me feel more at peace and like I can overcome my fear." - 15-year-old from Bethesda, MD.

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Congruence is free to try and it's packed with empowering tools, inspiring exercises, and expert tips to help you navigate life's ups and downs. 

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